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PEP | Serowe, Botswana


Welcome to our stand-alone one-story building located in the charming old mall of Serowe. Situated just a few meters away from Standard Serowe, this property is home to one of our esteemed blue-chip tenants, Pep Stores. Since 1995, Pep Stores has been proudly occupying and utilizing the space within the building.

Our property offers a simple yet functional design, catering specifically to the needs of Pep Stores. The building’s single-story layout provides convenient accessibility for both staff and customers. Its location in the old mall of Serowe adds to the historic charm of the area.

Pep Stores, a well-established tenant, brings stability and reliability to the property. Their longstanding presence showcases their commitment to the space and the surrounding community.

Whether you’re visiting the mall for shopping or conducting business with Pep Stores, our one-story building offers a convenient and accessible location. With Pep Stores as the sole tenant, you can expect a focused and well-maintained environment.

JP64+52X, Serowe, Botswana
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