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Tower Europe Retail Meridijan | Zagreb, Croatia


Located in an upmarket residential area north of Zagreb city center, this modern community shopping center opened its doors in December 2014. Anchored by the popular retailer Konzum, the center offers a diverse range of international brands, catering to the needs and preferences of the local community.

Shoppers can enjoy the convenience of having well-known brands such as DM, Intersport, Farmacia, MANA, ZooCity, and Denis within easy reach. Whether it’s shopping for everyday essentials, sporting goods, cosmetics, or pet supplies, this shopping center provides a variety of options for residents in the surrounding area.

Designed to meet the needs of the local community, the shopping center aims to create a welcoming and convenient environment for visitors. The modern architecture and well-maintained facilities ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all.

Situated in a thriving residential area, the center benefits from a captive audience of nearby residents who appreciate the convenience of having quality retail options close to home. It serves as a hub for the local community, providing a convenient place for shopping and socializing.

With its location in an upmarket residential area and a strong anchor tenant, this community shopping center offers a valuable retail destination for both residents and visitors. Its presence enhances the local community by providing essential services and a variety of shopping options.

In summary, this modern community shopping center, anchored by Konzum and complemented by international brands, caters to the needs of an upmarket residential area in the north of Zagreb. With a focus on convenience and quality, the center provides a valuable retail destination for the local community, offering a range of products and services in a well-maintained and welcoming environment.

Gračanska Cesta 208/2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia