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11 months ago

Tsodilo Centre| Gaborone, Botswana


Situated within the premises of the old mall, Tsodilo offers a simple and functional retail space for businesses. The design of the building is straightforward, ensuring practicality and ease of use for tenants and customers alike.

Comprising three shops, Tsodilo provides a compact yet efficient layout that caters to various retail needs. Each shop is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality and create a welcoming environment for visitors.

The exterior of Tsodilo features a grey marmoran wall finish, adding a touch of modernity to the building’s facade. This neutral color complements the overall simplicity of the design, allowing the focus to be on the businesses housed within.

Located within the old mall, Tsodilo benefits from its established position and the existing foot traffic in the area. The mall’s reputation and history contribute to the familiarity and recognition of the space, providing an advantageous setting for businesses to thrive.

Whether it’s retail, services, or other commercial ventures, Tsodilo offers a functional and practical space for businesses to operate. Its simple yet effective design, combined with the grey marmoran wall finish, presents a modest and unassuming aesthetic that allows tenants to showcase their products and services.

2C39+V6 Maun, Botswana