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2 years ago

Tyger Lake, Tyger Falls | Belville, Western Cape


Nestled within the vibrant Tyger Falls Waterfront, Tyger Lake stands as an impressive mixed-use sectional title development, with Capitalgro proudly owning three retail sections and 202 parking bays. Built into the cliff face, this iconic building captivates the attention with its commanding presence and remarkable features.

As you step inside Tyger Lake, you’ll be greeted by a grand entrance lobby, exuding a sense of sophistication and elegance. The panoramic views of the waterfront create a serene backdrop, providing a calming atmosphere for visitors and tenants alike. A scenic lift adds a touch of uniqueness, enhancing the overall experience of the development.

With a focus on security and convenience, Tyger Lake offers secure and managed parking facilities for both tenants and casual parkers. The availability of ample parking ensures that everyone can enjoy their time within the development without any hassle.

Constructed in 2004, this extensive development spans over 22,000 square meters, encompassing a diverse range of offerings. The 1,700 square meters of office space caters to professionals seeking a prime location for their business operations. Additionally, a 2,200 square meter retail section adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the development, housing a variety of businesses.

Tyger Lake offers a dynamic environment where residents, workers, and visitors can live, work, and play. Capitalgro’s tenants include renowned establishments such as Asian Asia, Gastao’s, and Ton Khoon, while a range of A-grade owners and tenants occupy the remaining retail, office, and residential components.

Acquired by Capitalgro in March 2015, this property has been carefully managed to maintain its exceptional standards and meet the needs of its tenants. Tyger Lake stands as a testament to Capitalgro’s commitment to creating thriving and multifunctional spaces for the community to enjoy.

Tyger Lake, Bellville Park, Cape Town, South Africa