RDC Property Group


XaiXai | XaiXai, Mozambique


Introducing this completed retail development, a modest yet functional property encompassing 3547m2 of Gross Lettable Area (GLA). Originally designed and constructed as a supermarket for the renowned national retailer, Choppies, this property offers a solid foundation for retail operations.

Situated on its own land parcel, the property benefits from its adjacent location to a vacant erf on the northern boundary, which holds potential for future development. On the southern boundary, an Engen service station serves as a neighboring establishment, adding convenience and potential foot traffic to the area.

Positioned strategically along the EN1 roadway, the property enjoys a prime location as the first retail center encountered when entering the central part of the town. Accessible via the north and crossing the Limpopo River, this property welcomes visitors and locals alike, providing a convenient shopping destination.

WMQW+R9 Xai-Xai District, Mozambique