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500 Hungry Mouths Fed Thanks To RDC Ramadan Social Initiative

500 Hungry Mouths Fed Thanks To RDC Ramadan Social Initiative

RDC Property Group, a leading property investment company, recently engaged in an
initiative that demonstrates its commitment to making a real impact in the lives of
those who are less fortunate.
The Cape Town RDC team donated money and ingredients, along with a contribution
from the company, to prepare seven large pots of food, over 50 sandwiches, snacks,
and biscuits, to feed over 500 hungry residents in Athlone, South Africa. The team
spent the day cooking, slicing, and spreading sandwiches in preparation, and then
took a drive to a local food drop in Athlone where they spent the rest of the day
handing out food to those in need. What sets DC’s initiative apart from others is its
long-term commitment to making a difference.
The company plans to continue this initiative monthly.
Hunger in South Africa is a significant issue affecting countless residents who rely
on less than one meal a day. By actively engaging in initiatives like this, RDC team is
making a meaningful and positive impact on the communities where the company
The company is proud to make a real difference in the lives of those in need and
believes that their SR initiatives in Cape Town are essential in creating a better
future for all South Africans.


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