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RDC Hosts “Ke Dinaledi” Art Exhibition at Masa Centre

Gaborone, June 24, 2023

RDC Property Group, a Botswana leading real estate investment and development company, showcased its commitment to supporting the local arts community by hosting the captivating “Ke Dinaledi” Art Exhibition. This exclusive event, held at the vibrant Masa Centre in the heart of the Central Business District, celebrated the talents of esteemed local artists, Ronald Kegomoditse and Prince Tom, as they explored the theme of stars through their remarkable artworks.

As a proud sponsor of the exhibition and event, RDC demonstrated its dedication to fostering artistic growth and creating opportunities for local talents to shine. The exhibition provided a lucrative space for the artists to highlight their talent and connect with potential buyers.

Speaking to their choice to support the initiative, RDC Chief Operating Officer, Uzoma Anugom said, “We are proud to be collaborating with Ronald Kegomoditse and Prince Tom, two of Botswana’s most celebrated sons of the creative industry, to showcase their art. Our Masa Centre property lends itself as a platform for local artists to showcase their locally inspired ideas, fostering creative exchanges between our guests and the rich cultural fabrics of our community.”

The event provided attendees with a rare chance to engage with the artists themselves while immersing themselves in the captivating display. Each artist showcased their unique artistic expressions. Ronald Kegomoditse’s contemporary drawings and paintings beautifully captured his immediate surroundings, reflecting his profound connection to his environment.

Reflecting on his art, Kegomoditse stated, “We are honoured to have had the privilege of collaborating with an established brand like RDC in our growth journeys. It is our hope that through this exhibition revelers will be able to see the world through our eyes and understand the beauty that surrounds us.”

For Prince Tom, art serves as a spiritual medium, enabling him to communicate with his mother. Through their unconventional painting techniques, both artists aimed to engage and inspire viewers to interpret their creations in their own unique way.

Prince Tom expressed, “Art, for me, is a spiritual journey. I paint as an act of listening to my mother, and I hope that my artwork resonates with the viewers and leaves them with their interpretations.”

RDC‘s Masa Centre has long embraced its role as a creative hub, providing a platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to share their talents and present communal artistic and cultural initiatives, workshops, performances, and exhibitions. Over the years, the center has been a proud host of the much-loved Protea Masa Square Hotel Fashion Show.

Mr. Anugom emphasized the vital role that exhibitions play in fostering Botswana’s creative economy, highlighting Africa’s increasing recognition for its artistic talent as a significant export to the world.

“As RDC, we are thrilled to continue playing a pivotal role in propelling Botswana art to its full potential and understand that we cannot do business alone – we need people and platforms to come together, to enable us to truly shine like stars,” concluded Mr. Anugom.

By hosting the “Ke Dinaledi” Art Exhibition, RDC reaffirms its commitment to nurturing local artistic talent and providing a platform for creativity to flourish. The company’s dedication to community engagement and supporting the arts cements its position as a champion of Botswana’s cultural vibrancy.

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RDC Hosts Art Exhibition


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