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RDC Acquires Masterpiece at Investec Art Fair

RDC Property Group is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a captivating artwork at the Investec Art Fair, held February 16th weekend at the International Convention Centre Cape Town. This stunning woven masterpiece, created by the celebrated Mohamed Amine Hamouda, perfectly embodies our core values of integrity, sustainability, and empathy.

More than just a beautiful addition to our growing art collection, Hamouda’s creation transcends aesthetics to weave a powerful narrative. He transforms everyday discards – palm fronds, artisanal scraps, and even “undesirable” plants – from the unique Gabès oasis into stunning pieces that advocate for resourcefulness and environmental protection.

Hamouda’s masterful hands tell a story that deeply resonates with us at RDC. It’s a story about cherishing our resources, respecting our communities, and leaving a positive mark on the world we inhabit. This impactful acquisition goes beyond mere art appreciation; it reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability, evident in our green-rated buildings, innovative water and waste management systems, and the use of local, sustainable elements in our designs.

By proudly displaying Hamouda’s masterpiece, we aim to spark conversations about responsible living and environmental awareness among our millions of visitors. We believe that together, we can create a future where art, values, and sustainability are beautifully intertwined.


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